The impact of having a common platform for a group of people can be often very advantageous. Having such communities on Direct Giver helps us reach our objective of getting the Donors and Receivers closer much easier. We would be more than happy if you register your community with us and thereby you are giving us a chance to help those who are in need.

To register a community – all you need to do is Sign Up here and please wait for the verification.
(The Verification is only to maintain the Organization free from Spammers and hence the admin’s approval is mandatory). For the verification, Direct Giver would prefer having an identification that it is from a community.

Once you are verified, With the community account you can get

  • Get your Community known to all the users of Direct Giver
  • Receive bulk listings for the community from Direct Giver users (subject to Donations).

New to DirectGiver, please register and join our community Register