How does it work?

Many people own items in very good condition but of no use for them for various reasons. However, these items could be rather given to someone in need of it, than being thrown away. This creates a situation where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ while minimizing waste and enhancing social responsibility and sustainability.

If you want to Give, simply log into and upload a picture with the matching description of your item. Once there is a Receiver in need of your item, you can schedule an appointment for a courier to pick it up. DirectGiver helps you to help others – it’s that easy!
Is joining and using Direct Giver for free?

Despite the many worldly dogmas which may seem to severe us, we all share a trait which is bigger than any difference. We are all human. Thus caring for each other is from many aspects, may they be ethical or religious, only reasonable. So why waste what could still be of use?

DirectGiver is and will always be for free. It is free to join and free to use, for everyone.

Who is a Giver?

A Giver within the DirectGiver Community is a person who does not see further personal use in an item. Hence, a Giver decides to rather give the thing to someone else who can make use of it.

Who is a Receiver?

A Receiver within the DirectGiver Community is a person who is in need of/looking for a particular item but cannot get a new one.

How to Join?

To join DirectGiver, just log in creating a new account or sign in using your Facebook or GooglePlus account.