Welcome to DirectGiver – The world’s first International Direct Giving community. This is a place where the Donors and the Receivers are on the same platform, and hence we make it easy for the needy people to get what they can.

Here are few steps which guide you through the website:

In order to get the best use of the DirectGiver please login/signup to the site which is located on the home screen and also please allow your location to be determined so as to provide nearby listings for you.
You can either use you social media accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter or you can create an account with a Mail ID + Password combination.
You can view the website in different languages just by selecting the language option shown on the Home Screen

1. Reciever

Location Search

  • Once you are logged in, you can browse through the categories available, or you have the facility to search for the listings which are near you using the filter available.
  • The website then shows all the listings basing on the filters provided.
  • Once you find a listing you wanted, you can message the Donor requesting the listing using request item from listing page on your right.

2. Donor


  • You are doing a great job giving something for the needy – Kudos
  • After logging in you can directly create a listing from the Homepage itself.
  • Once you click on Add your listing, you will be redirected to a form for creating a listing.
  • After making a listing, you can review it and then publish it onto the Direct Giver.
  • Please check your messages regularly as the users might message you for grabbing the listing you made.
  • It is your decision whom to give if there are multiple requests for one listing you made.

3. Donate


  • Our ecosystem depends on continuous sharing of unused items so, please help us maintain this beautiful process of mutual sharing.
  • Any issues related to anything – Direct Giver team is always there to help you out.
  • Please contact us with your issue if you have any, and we would try our best to solve it. Report issues here
  • Like us with the service ?? Please leave a testimony here – It helps others.

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